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SMIB Management, Inc. is a Full-Service Tax Firm dedicated to ensuring your tax, crypto, and financial needs are met by a team of true professionals. We have been in business for 40 years. WE KNOW OUR STUFF!

Offerings By SMIB Management, Inc.

TAX SOLUTIONSWhether you need Tax Representation before the IRS – Or simply a team of tax pros to make sure your business is set up correctly, SMIB has you covered in all matter. We are pretty amazing at preparing your tax es as well!
REAL ESTATE STRATEGIES. Real Estate is really an amazing way to build and protect wealth. That being said, it is always advisable to consult with professionals that know the real estate tax information inside and out.
WEALTH BUILDING. Some of the greatest ways to build and PROTECT wealth is through implementing some amazing and little-known tax strategies that some of the wealthiest in the world use. Allow us to do that for you.

BUSINESS VALUATION. SMIB Management will work with you and your business to secure a professional valuation on your business. With something this important, you will need REAL professionals on your side.


This is our "bread & butter" as we have battling (and WINNING) against the IRS on our clients' behalf for 40+ years. And we LOVE what we do! Doesn't matter if you need help with an OIC (Offer In Compromise) or need us to represent you in front of the IRS itself, we will deliver a team that is ready and capable to handle any IRS issue you have, big or small. Call us today!

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We offer a full-service menu of options regarding your personal and/or business needs regarding taxes, various financial matters, and investments. We will serve as your team of advisors, seeing to it that your needs are met with the utmost professionalism

SMIB Management, Inc. (SMIB) has a proven record of success across a wide variety of business enterprises, and transactions. Our philosophy is simple....."When the World is focused on price, we focus on value".

Our mantra and approach has clarity of purpose in how we perform our role. A tireless, unending pursuit of the facts in every transaction until we identify all value. This means we are not satisfied with obtaining average results, and we will not stop our pursuit of the facts until we fully understand and identify every element of value in every transaction and every deal.

When you add us to your team of advisors we will do whatever it takes to reach the objectives you define in your transaction.

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