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    What We Do


    Solving Tax Problems over 30 years
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    IRS Audit
    IRS Collection Action
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    Forming for your success
    S Corporation
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    We provide annual full service
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    Tax Consulting CRYPTO Tax Issues

    Regardless of what type of crypto we have the solution to help you keep more of your money.



    1031 Exchange
    Residential Rentals
    New Constructions


    Tax Preparation - Tax Resolution

    Tax Preparation – Tax Resolution

    Serving Clients for more than 30 years

    One of the most important aspects of SMIB Management is the length of time we have enjoyed helping clients resolve their tax problems to helping clients make important decisions taking the tax impacts into consideration.

    We are proud of the success we have built over the many years in practice and are always happy to offer a free consultation and evaluation before you make any decision.



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    Frequently Asked Questions


    What if the IRS does not know I have a wallet that cannot be tied back to me or my computer?

    Here's the deal, nobody can tell you with any confidence if the IRS can or cannot identify a person with such an arrangement. What we can tell you is that IF you are careless enough to believe the U.S. Government does not have the tools and cyber talent to identify these types of taxpayers, you will need a criminal defense attorney as your tax return will be the least of your problems while serving time for tax evasion.

    What if I only want to report the transactions and accounts I know the IRS likely can find and not report others?

    See FAQ #1 as you will likely be roommates in Club FED with that person

    I'm afraid if I report my last three years crypto I will owe a lot of money I cannot afford, what do I do?

    The best advice we can give you is get it right, get the amount you may owe IF you owe anything, then let us work through EVERY option available in finding a solution for the liability. You actually have the cards on your side until the IRS catches you, then you have few choices most of which involve large sums of money and people with ESQ next to their name.

    My cousin said there is NO WAY the IRS will ever find me or my crypto, what should I tell him?

    Make sure you keep in touch with your cousin and he always has your address. He will eventually want to write to you from Club FED during his 5 to 8 year prison term and likely arrange a visit so you can catch up on all that is happening.

    Are these FAQ's a joke or are they serious?

    Serious as a heart attack. I guarantee you there will be many people hiring many lawyers, facing many years in prison for tax evasion and other tax crimes. I'm betting it may take a few more years, but the drumbeats have already begun and the IRS IS on the march. What is your freedom worth?

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