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Thank you for considering KMT Bookkeeping & Consulting LLC for all of your accounting needs.  Let me start by informing you of the services that I offer.

Full-charge Bookkeeping - Including:

  • Accounts Payable (to include bill payment if needed).
  • Accounts Receivable (invoicing customers).
  • Any banking needs to include end of month reconciliations (for both bank and credit cards).

Audit Work

Complete review and cleanup of entire accounting system – recommendations will be given and owner can decide on future action – usually needed in IRS audits, tax filings and financial reporting.


Weekly, Bi-weekly and monthly payroll services offered (monthly, quarterly and yearly tax filing are available if requested).

Quickbooks Online Set-up & Training

If you are just starting your business or wish to have an accounting system, put in place, I can provide the basic setup for QB Online (and desktop versions if requested). I am also available for training should you wish to keep your own records.


My consulting services offer you a wide range of knowledge. I can help with setting up QuickBooks, how to use programs like Excel or Word, how to use mapping with GIS/GPS technology and much more! My extensive experience can assist you in any level of your business needs. If I don’t have an answer, I have the connections to get it for you…just ask!

Cryptocurrency Accounting

Knowledge of IRS requirements with regards to cryptocurrency means that accurate accounting is essential because audits are likely. I can help you track your coin, record capital gains and losses correctly and produce reports needed for auditing.

Frequently Asked Questions

I haven’t filed taxes or kept records for years – where do I start and will I be in trouble with the IRS?

Many business owners get easily caught up in the operations of their business, and before they know it, years have gone by.  You are not the first business owner, nor will you be the last.  The best solution when working with the IRS is to be transparent, willing to set things right, and build the records with any/all information you have.  Then immediately put a system into place so that it doesn’t continue to happen and you are paying your taxes on time.

This is all so overwhelming – I can’t even seem to put my receipts in order for the accountant. Can you help me?

Let me help – just give me the box/envelope/folder of paperwork and I will sort it all out.  You don’t need to file it by month, vendor, or expense.  That is what you hire me to do.  We will implement a system specific to you and your business.  Once everything is caught up, your daily “accounting” tasks won’t be nearly as daunting.

Payroll seems to be so complicated and I don’t understand all the tax filings?

When you hire payroll services from our firm, we handle 100% of all your payroll needs and you gain peace of mind.  Since each business is unique and specific to it’s clients, our pricing is specific to our clients needs.  The initial consultation is free – I look forward to helping you with your payroll needs.

What if I have questions? Will I be able to talk to somebody specific?

My firm prides itself it personal connection.  We design meetings, reporting and filing specific to your business.  As your business grows, we grow with you.

Let's Get Started!

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