Cost Segregation Opportunities

Never before have investors had such an opportunity as that of today to have your rental property actually pay dividends. Allow our La Mesa tax preparation firm help you find the most return on your real estate investment through our cost segregation services.

Even more powerful – IF you purchased a residential rental property and placed it in service between 2017 and Dec 31 2019, you can apply these powerful strategies to prior tax returns and obtain a refund of taxes you have paid in prior years. Allow SMIB Management to perform a personalized analysis of your investment real estate profile as part of our La Mesa cost segregation services.

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You have a choice when you place a rental in service as a rental property in HOW you will use the tax laws to DEPRECIATE the property! Our La Mesa tax preparation services can help through the process of cost segregation.

What are we talking about you ask? Well, allow us to share!

Segregating Cost

Allocate some portion for land. Allocate remainder for building. You divide the building portion by 27.5 years and that is your deduction!

The “Old” Way

NO DEPRECIATION- 27.5 years equally divided

Better Yet…Have SMIB Management Perform An Asset Segregation Study!

How Does The Process Work?

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