[wpde_faqs title_1=”WHO IS SMIB?” content_1=”We are a full-service, year-round tax firm operating 365 days in all 50 states. As enrolled agents, we are America’s tax experts.” title_2=”HOW CAN SMIB HELP ME?” content_2=”No matter the issue, problem, solution, or opportunity, our team of experts and our third-party experts—tax attorneys, CPAs, accountants, financial advisors, and other industry experts—SMIB can provide you peace of mind in your growing tax needs.” title_3=”WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS TO WORKING WITH SMIB?” content_3=”As a valued client, you receive free consultations, free tax preparation, free audit protection; any fees are based solely on the block of time you need—no hourly rates.” title_4=”WHAT IF THERE IS SOMETHING SMIB IS NOT ABLE TO HELP ME WITH?” content_4=”Once in a while there is a situation where SMIB is not able to help. However, our network of experts nationwide allows us to find you the right expert now when you need them the most.”]