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Are you interested in working with an experienced Orange County financial planner and tax consultant? For over 35 years, SMIB Management has helped clients in all walks of life manage their financial futures and we look forward to serving you. There are so many choices when it comes to financial planning and tax consulting in the area, but you can rest assured you will find true success when you partner with our team.

What We Do

Providing Answers | Offering Information | Exchanging Knowledge | Delivering Tools

Business/Tax Consulting

As a business owner, it is vital to look for ways to create consistent revenue streams. By partnering with an Orange County financial planner and tax consultant, you can grow your business sustainably with advice from a seasoned business consultant. Our team can point out the best ways to maximize your company’s ROI and increase revenue long-term.

Tax Resolution

SMIB Management’s tax specialists can help you find a resolution to your tax issue regardless of how big or small it is. We have seen it all in our 35 years of business and can work with you to find a solid solution. From non-filed returns to a Collection Enforcement Demand for Payment, we can create a plan to resolve your tax problems.

Business Valuation

We offer a full suite of business valuation and consulting services and help businesses throughout Orange County. We can provide business appraisals and help companies of all sizes grow and build their value. When you need business valuation service you can depend on, turn to SMIB Management. We are here to help you succeed.

Business Reorganization

Our business reorganization services focus on helping companies throughout the U.S. restructure and reorganize. Restructuring a business is a large feat, but our experienced team is here to walk you through each step of the process. We understand the most important factors involved in business reorganization and will work to streamline the process for you.

Consultation | Review

Stay In Control Of Your Finances & Build A Tax Plan That Fits Your Needs. Speak With A Local Orange County Financial Planner To Assess Your Tax Strategies.

Fact Finding Analysis

We will start our analysis of your financial situation and challenges to create a strategy that will help you to define your financial goals.

Resolution & Planning

Whether you hire us to resolve Tax Problems, plan your financial future or to consult in business reorganization, we create resolutions.

Our Experienced Enrolled Agents & Orange County Tax Consultants and Financial Planning Professionals Can Help You Resolve Your IRS Tax Problems Now!
We can help you immediately with:
  • IRS Offer in Compromise
  • IRS Tax Liens, Garnishments, Penalties
  • IRS Fresh Start Qualification
  • IRS Payment Plans
  • Tax & Business Consulting
  • Real Estate Planning
  • Business Reorganization
  • Wealth Management
  • Our POWERFUL Four-Step Process to Financial Success

    Gather Facts and Identify Issues

    Gather Facts and Identify Issues Taxes are precise, and as such our attention to detail and the gathering of all facts allows us to provide you with a clear understanding of those facts that determine the tax outcome. From these facts our Orange County financial planners can then…..Identify all ISSUES you should be aware of BEFORE you take a next step. This is the peace of mind you must have before you decide What To Do!

    Provide a “Report of Findings”

    Our “Report of Findings” will outline for you those facts, the issues we identify, and our analysis and research results so that you have all the information necessary in making an informed decision aimed at your goal. It is not uncommon that our Report of Findings can also serve as a useful tool to ensure decisions you must make are sound and reassure you that you are in fact ON THE RIGHT TRACK!

    Review & Analysis

    Once we identify the “Issues” we roll up our sleeves, get to work, conduct our research, and analyze the facts. Our Review and Analysis is comprehensive, whether you need a tax plan designed for you OR if you have a tax problem, large or small, that needs to be resolved now. During this phase, it’s important you know that every avenue will be explored, thus allowing you to keep that “Clear Direction” toward your goal.

    Develop Resolution/Strategy Plan to Execute

    The Report of Findings guides us in providing you either a Resolution Plan aimed at solving your current problem, or a Strategic Plan aimed at your desire to build your business, sell your rental, save taxes on your new business opportunity. It is truly a roadmap to your success and our Orange County business and personal financial consultants take great pride in helping you develop this important tool as a basis to measure all success.

    NOW is a good time to…

    Achieve Financial Well-being

    Achieving financial stability is possible when you know you have options. At SMIB Management, our experienced team of Orange County financial planners and tax consultants is here to help you find real success. For any personal or business financial issues, contact us today.

    Let’s work on a Financial Strategy to get your taxes and finances on track.

    Good to Know

    Case Studies

    Years of Tax Debt

    Taxpayer business owner had numerous years of tax debt that eventually totaled more than $3 million dollars; after working with the client and taking every step to protect their rights we finally settled the case for $0 ZERO liability and recovered a refund in excess of $200,000!

    Overpaying Taxes

    Taxpayer had plans for the business and was looking to sell in the near future. As we worked to assist in developing a “Exit Strategy” and “Valuation” we discovered the business owner overpaid taxes by nearly $190,000 and we filed the claims to recover these overpaid taxes. More importantly our work led to increasing the “Value” of the business significantly!

    Non Filed Returns

    Taxpayer had multiple tax years (nine) of non filed returns and owed IRS more than $300,000. By the time we worked with the IRS and corrected the situation of non filed returns, the taxpayer had a final liability of less than $15,000 and we were able to get a very fair installment agreement.

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