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What Is “Tax Resolution”?

Every year millions of Americans fall behind on the taxes that are owed for various reasons. When someone owes money to the IRS, it can be quite intimidating and worrisome to say the least. But there IS hope in these types of situations! A reputable tax resolution firm should be your first line of defense. As a taxpayer you have rights! By teaming with a firm that will represent you in exercising those rights, you will find that a solution is available. In lots of cases taxpayers overdue debt can be settled for a fraction of what is owed! The tax resolution experts (EA’s/CPA’s/Lawyers) of SMIB Management, Inc. are available to help resolve those tax problems in way that saves you the most amount of money … in the shortest amount of time.



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Client is no longer in debt to the IRS.

Melissa H.

Kailua, HI

From being totally fearful in owing over 60k in tax debt to now onlyowing $50… well is a miracle. Not only has the fear and stress beeneliminated- but we are learning through their financial coaching tochange our relationship with money all together and building wealth.

Tony F.

Palo Alto, CA

The best in the industry! Nobody knows tax law better than James and his team, and with the many Trump changes coming, the gap will only widen.Their ability to help with every facet of tax issues, past or present,corporate structuring, accounting, legal — it’s unbelievably complete.What’s more, they don’t use the predatory pricing that plagues so much of the industry. All extremely reasonable: you always save many times more than you pay them, so the modest fees more than pay for themselves.Highest recommendation.

Jon B.

St.Louis, Mo

Nothing worse in life than getting those letters from the IRS. SMIB Management, Inc. took a horrible situation and not only helped eliminate my problem with the IRS, they corrected past returns to get a return on some taxes I paid in years past. Cannot say enough good stuff about this crew!

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