[wpde_faqs title_1=”Why does the Block of Time save me money?” content_1=”To begin, a typical engagement begins with an engagement letter, hourly fee and retainer. Over the many years of our efforts in helping clients with a wide variety of tax issues and concerns we have learned that most clients have a situation where we can define in advance how much time a task or project may take to complete. Our goal is to provide every client with efficient and cost-effective pricing for professional services and using a block of time (BOT) approach allows us to target the tasks and at the same time provide that savings we pass on to every client.” title_2=”What if my issue takes more time?” content_2=”Obviously, we can do our very best to determine in advance with you, how much time you may need to complete a particular project. There are situations however where unexpected issues can arise, and the project may require additional time. The benefit here is that if you feel you may have added tasks or projects that you need professional assistance with, it is always more cost effective to purchase more time at the lower cost.” title_3=”What about phone calls, consultations, or appointments?” content_3=”Our policy for many years has and continues to be today that we do not charge against the time for phone calls, emails, consultations, or appointments. In addition, if we are preparing your tax returns on a project, the actual time allocated to tax prep work is also not charged against your time block and is provided as a FREE Bonus to you. We feel giving clients these added benefits allow us to provide exceptional work, and do it in a cost effective manner to save the client time and money.” title_4=”What if I have unused time at the end of a project?” content_4=”You as the client always have the choice to ask for and receive a refund of unused time or roll it into the next project you have as a credit. In either case you the client have the final decision.” title_5=”How do I know how much time has been used or that I have on my project?” content_5=”At SMIB we strive for full transparency in every task. We utilize T-Sheets and much like a law office we record and track ALL time every Team member spends on your project. This tracking accounts for time that we bill against and time that is NOT billed against the Block of Time you purchase. We feel in this manner you have a full accounting of all time that went into your project and can see the true value of the BOT model.”]