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Would NOW be a good time to resole your IRS Debt for Good? 

If You Owe The IRS More Than $10,000, You May Qualify for an IRS Fresh Start Program!

No matter the problem, regardless of how BIG or SMALL, the TEAM of Enrolled La Mesa tax resolution agents at SMIB Management stands ready to DEFINE your Tax Plan to END the Nightmare! 

  • IRS Wage Garnishments
  • IRS Offer in Compromise
  • IRS Tax Liens
  • IRS Tax Penalties
  • IRS Fresh Start Qualification
  • IRS Back Taxes
  • IRS Bank Levies
  • IRS Payment Plans


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Set Your Sights on a "Fresh Start"

Do you owe the IRS? Do you have non-filed prior year returns? Did you receive a Collection Enforcement Notice or Demand for Payment? Did you receive a bank or wage LEVY ORDER? Our Team of Enrolled Agents has helped hundreds of taxpayers resolve MILLIONS in tax debt! We work to protect your RIGHTS under the TAXPAYER BILL OF RIGHTS. If you need La Mesa tax resolution help like OIC filing or IRS tax lien assistance, speak with a representative from SMIB.

If You Owe More Than $10,000 to the IRS,
You May Qualify for an IRS Fresh Start Program in 2020!

Our CPAs and enrolled agents work with the IRS daily, and we have over 80 combined years of experience helping resolve IRS tax related problems. If you’ve been receiving IRS demand letters due to unfiled IRS tax returns, or you’re facing a bank levy or wage garnishment, call SMIB’s La Mesa tax resolution specialists now and we can assist in finding best course of action for you.

Avoid a Lien or Levy

The IRS has expanded tax payer options to avoid a levy or lien under the Fresh Start Initiative.

IRS Fresh Start Initiative

If You Owe $10,000 or More to the IRS, you may qualify for this program. 

Installment Agreements

Fresh Start also offers expanded options for Installment Agreements.

Flexible Payment Plans

Fresh Start also offers expanded options for Installment Agreements.

Our La Mesa Tax Resolution Agents Can Help You Resolve Your IRS Problems & Move On With Your Life!

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